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Animated Explainer Video

Online video is the absolute hottest thing on the web at the moment. With Pixelo’s animated explainers you could be streets ahead of your competition.

The normal problem with site visitors leaving is that they don’t find what they are after quick enough. A potential client visits your site, has a look around. If the information is not immediately available, and a clear call to action designed to funnel them through, viewers quickly get distracted or bored and simply leave.

A Pixelo animated explainer is designed to quickly grab their attention, tell them what they need to know and provide a clear call to action for the viewer to act on.It can thus be said that our explainer video is a marvelous way to catch the attention of the visitor, which isan ultimate aim of any siteowner.

When combined with an effective sales funnel, animated explainers developed by Pixelo can dramatically increase the number of leads generated by your website, turning it from a passive site, to a money making tool.

At Pixelo, we also offer a great assortment of services ranging from brochure designs, graphic design, web site design and logo design in Sydney that could help in changing the performance of the site.

So if you want to get waaaaaaay ahead of your competition, get in touch with us today and let us quote you on your own customised animated explainer.

Quickly capture the attention of your viewers with an animated explainer from Pixelo.

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