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    Working with Pixelo has been a great experience. The customer service that I received has been excellent and is probably the best I have received in a long time, regardless of industry. I was so impressed with their quick response to my online request. After a brief discussion, Aengus had…

    Lizelle Hamilton

    North Coast Church

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    How to help improve your website’s conversion rates


      So, you have your business up and running things are going good. You decide you better get a website online, seeing as how everyone else has one, right. Well have you ever taken a step back and asked yourself ‘why’ ? If you stop to think, why exactly are…

    Eye catching flyer design


    A professionally designed flyer can make a big impact at trade events or mailed out to the public. Flyers are a pretty cheap way of getting your message out there. Despite being more humble than a brochure, they can be excellent tools to quickly convey the key points of your…

    Preparing to launch your own website

    Content is King: Your site can have all the bells and whistles in the world. Flashing lights, spinning buttons and fancy sound effects, but if the content is poor, your visitor won’t stay very long. When preparing the content of your site, take your time. Think about what your viewer…

    Pixelo at Triple M’s ‘Mammoth Milk Brick Footy’ Event

    Pixelo recently had the pleasure of providing some of the promotional material for the Triple M “Mammoth Milk Brick Footy” Event. Best described as ” a Mammoth Game taking the toughest bits of footy… It challenges players like no other sport. Mammoth Brick Footy is a test of endurance, of…

    Illustration for Graphic Design


    There are many instances in graphic design which require custom illustration. Often an illustration will create a look unobtainable through photography or other means, and is often a very cost effective method of creating some really cool styles. Above is a recent illustration we did for a Triple M event…

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